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Windows 10 Decontamination Scripts

One of the main benefits of our setup we have is that our system will not update automatically. The main problem though, is that it will not update automatically. But we still do want security updates, so it would be nice to let those through, while still blocking any other unwanted updates and the other undesirable activity that is also conducted from the same process (svchost.exe). So instead, I installed Python and wrote my own, which was far less difficult than I had originally assumed since you can generally scrape all the info you want from

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Remote Desktop and Die – How to RDP Faster Without Getting Robbed

Unless you have not patched your domain controller in the past five years, chances are, if an intruder gets domain admin or enterprise admin level access, they probably did it through credential theft. One of the biggest recurring themes of countless intrusion and pentest reports is that to accomplish lateral movement and privilege escalation to […]

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