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Writing Meterpreter Extensions

Railgun and other meterpreter functionality is awesome and can do almost everything you would like on a compromised system, but sometimes, due to performance or bandwidth requirements or just weird threading issues, you need to be able to run compiled code on a target. You can upload an executable to a system and run that, […]

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Custom payloads in Metasploit 4

One of the key features of Metasploit is the customization of the framework; for example, different payloads can be generated with many different options and placed in any of a large number of exploits. Custom scripts can be written with many commands for automated post-exploit actions. Nevertheless, there have still been a number of customizations […]

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Network Nightmare – PXE talk at Defcon

Hope you were able to see my talk at Defcon 19, Network Nightmare – Ruling the Nightlife Between Shutdown and Boot with PXEsploit. If not, you can see the slides here and watch the demos below. As a quick summary, the Preboot Execution Environment, available on almost all motherboards as “Network Boot,” provides a way […]

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