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The Security Pretend Game – Sudo and Runas

Common wisdom would have you believe when you run sudo that you are only granting root privileges to one command at one point in time. In reality, you are granting root privileges to any hacker who has ever run any code in any process at any previous time in your account and decided they wanted escalated privileges.
Use completely unprivileged accounts for day-to-day tasks, then log out and log in with a privileged, trusted account for privileged tasks; don’t use runas or sudo from your day-to-day account; it eliminates the security benefits of using the unprivileged account.
Control should always flow from a more privileged and more trusted environment to the less privileged, untrusted environment; going the other way, even when presenting credentials, only allows those credentials to be stolen and hackers to ride up to the higher privileges. This is not a new idea; it is why Microsoft’s #1 recommendation to secure privileged accounts from credential theft is to make it so you cannot log into a privileged account from an ordinary, untrusted workstation. But this principle frequently seems to be forgotten.

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Defying Analysis With Sparse Malware

If you’re writing tools for red teaming or pentesting, the main point of your backdoors, or implants as people are starting to call them, is to enable remote control of a system without being detected. If that fails, and your backdoor is found, the next best option is to avoid analysis so any of your […]

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