Important Stuff

I am adding a page Important Stuff with some thoughts on non-information-security stuff. As fun and interesting as hacking is, there are more important sides of life. So I summarized just four of the reasons why I believe what I believe, and a bit of what that means. As you may know, I am a Christian, like many others in the field, but I also know that many of you call yourselves atheist, agnostic, or something else.

So if you think Christians are fairy-tale believers and have never heard anyone put forward intelligent reasons to believe, please take a look. And if you do not care and would rather just write some new 0-day, remember eternity is a lot longer than your patch cycle, so take a minute and check it out. To keep it short and manageable, I did not put forward nearly every reason or piece of evidence, and did not debate all the possible ideas, but I am always reachable for questions/rants/raves.

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