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Important Stuff

I am adding a page Important Stuff with some thoughts on non-information-security stuff. As fun and interesting as hacking is, there are more important sides of life. So I summarized just four of the reasons why I believe what I believe, and a bit of what that means. As you may know, I am a […]

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Java_signed_applet with RJB

I just wasted a lot of time trying to get the java_signed_applet exploit module working in Metasploit. Not that it doesn’t work by default, but you will get the warning [-] [-] The JDK failed to initialized: no such file to load — rjb [-] In order to dynamically sign the applet, you must install […]

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Finding non-ASLR or DEP modules

As the recent exploits for IE using the .NET 2.0 DLL demonstrate, sometimes a non-ASLR DLL to enable an exploit is just a LoadLibrary away. So if pvefindaddr won’t give you any ASLR-free DLL’s in memory, look for other DLL’s which the process will load, given the right input. Or from a system-hardening or development […]

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